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The Palace, also known as Saray-i Cedid-I Amire with its previous name, received its name as Topkapi from one of the gates in the city walls in 19th century. Construction of Topkapi Palace started twenty years after the Conquest of Istanbul. Although its construction was compete in 1479, structuring of the Palace continued dynamically and several additions made to it....


Hidiv (Khedive) Kasrý was built by Delfo Seminati, an Italian Architecture, on the ridge of coppice forest of Çubuklu, Istanbul in 1907. It covers the total area of 1000 square meters. It has “art-nouveau” style decoration. When Egypt has gained its independence from Ottoman Empire, Abbas Hilmi Paţa, (khedive of Egypt), the last Ottoman governor of Egypt..


The Suleymaniye Complex, consisting of a large number of courtyards and a caravansarai, was constructed starting on June 13, 1550 through October 15, 1557 by Architect Sinan (the grand old master of Ottoman architecture). A total of 3,523 workers were employed during the construction of the complex. There were 1,713 Muslim employees...


The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Works and Arts, which has a meaningful collection of the Turkish-Islam Works, entertains its visitors in the historical Ibrahim Paţa Palace located in Sultanahmed Square since it was move to that place on May  22nd, 1983. First time it was established as Evkaf-ý Ýslamiye Museum (The Islamic Foundations Museum) in the ..


The Covered Bazaar is a big complex consisting of 61 streets, 4400 shops, 2195 workshops, 18 fountains, 2 bedestens (vaulted and waterproof part of a bazaar where valuable goods are kept), 40 inns, 12 small mosques (mescit), 12 warehouses, 1 school, 1 bath, 19 water wells.


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