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The history of Istanbul goes back to 300 thousand years ago. The first traces of human culture were discovered in the excavations carried out in Yarımburgaz Cave on the banks of Küçükçekmece Lake.

It is thought that Neolithic and Chalcolitic people had been living around there.


Istanbul also known as Dersaadet was divided until the mid l9th century into four sectors for administrative and judicial purposes. The first sector encompassing the city center was named Suriçi (meaning 'within city the walls') and was under the authority of the Istanbul Judicary Council. The three towns (ßilad-ı Selase) Galata, Üsküdar and Eyüp are the three boroughs or towns making up the city of Istanbul


Istanbul bears the characteristic of being capital city of three Great Empires and she is also one of the few cities which has been the center of the country's economic life. Although the city has not already become a political capital for the new Republic, which was established in 1923, it has always become an economic center of the country and never lost its status..

Even if we deal with only the  artistic contents of the structure motifs including mosques, churches, synagogues, museums, fountains, complexes and old buildings, we realize that the city remained at the top of the list in the field of artistic architecture with islamic calligraphy, marbling art, carving, colouring and handiwork.


Istanbul had a population of 1.078.000  in 1945. Internal immigration towards Istanbul increased after 1950's especially depending on fastest growing of industrialization in Istanbul, the population of the city reached to 1.533.000 in 1955.The population continued to increase annually at an average rate of 0.040-0.050 percent in the following periods and  ..



The Palace, also known as Saray-i Cedid-I Amire with its previous name, received its name as Topkapi from one of the gates in the city walls in 19th century. Construction of Topkapi Palace started twenty years after the Conquest of Istanbul. Although its construction was compete in 1479, structuring of the Palace continued dynamically and several additions made to it....


Hidiv (Khedive) Kasrı was built by Delfo Seminati, an Italian Architecture, on the ridge of coppice forest of Çubuklu, Istanbul in 1907. It covers the total area of 1000 square meters. It has “art-nouveau” style decoration. When Egypt has gained its independence from Ottoman Empire, Abbas Hilmi Paşa, (khedive of Egypt), the last Ottoman governor of Egypt..


The Suleymaniye Complex, consisting of a large number of courtyards and a caravansarai, was constructed starting on June 13, 1550 through October 15, 1557 by Architect Sinan (the grand old master of Ottoman architecture). A total of 3,523 workers were employed during the construction of the complex. There were 1,713 Muslim employees...


The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Works and Arts, which has a meaningful collection of the Turkish-Islam Works, entertains its visitors in the historical Ibrahim Paşa Palace located in Sultanahmed Square since it was move to that place on May  22nd, 1983. First time it was established as Evkaf-ı İslamiye Museum (The Islamic Foundations Museum) in the ..


The Covered Bazaar is a big complex consisting of 61 streets, 4400 shops, 2195 workshops, 18 fountains, 2 bedestens (vaulted and waterproof part of a bazaar where valuable goods are kept), 40 inns, 12 small mosques (mescit), 12 warehouses, 1 school, 1 bath, 19 water wells.




We are a bridge between Turkish property developers and International property investors.

We are professional, Turkish registered company, and a member of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. Istanbul House Investment core target to be the best real estate marketing, consulting & management company for property developers and for international buyers.

Akbatı Shopping Mall Project



Incorporation of Turkey or foreign
  corporate vehicle or subsidiary.

•Trading terms and conditions for   the sale of
  goods in the Turkey.

Assistance with ISO/quality  assurance.
•Intellectual property.
•Turkey copyright and patent issues.
•Protection of trade secrets.
•Registration of trademarks.
•Industry specialisation/expertise.
•Lawyer services



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This declaration to the customs supervision may be given solely by the legal entity, or by indirect representation by a customs consultancy firm.

Onlinegroup can advise a client on how best to be represented in the target market, whether by a joint venture partner, distributor/agent, and source and contract with appropriate candidates.

Onlinegroup can recommend commercial terms of appointment and either conduct or assist with negotiations to conclude the terms of engagement. 

We have an extensive database of Turkey companies and other organisations. We have collected the data ourself, directly from active companies. In other words, we have a very good fundament for effective direct e-mail. 

Tell us which companies you would like to reach, and we will tell you to what extent we are able to satify your requirements, and give you a price.
Hotel Reservations

We give hotel booking service for your visits to Turkey. We take care of your bookings and accomodations in all cities in Turkey.
We meet your guests whom you will send to Turkey and provide the best quality service to your guests on your behalf. We make sure that they enjoy their visits in turkey and return to their country safely.

Our suppliers are the most established companies of their sectors and they are the producer of the high quality products.  
Turkish Manufacturers
Consulting Services
We provide consulting services to foreign businessmen who want to invest or do market search in Turkey.

In our consulting service, we offer;
- Forming a company in Turkey
- Commercial consultancy
- Finding investment opportunities on required  fields
  and sectors - Consultancy on property investments,
  finding  lands to develop or invest.
- Following up and supervising of your ongoing egal
  and court issues in Turkey
- Providing all types of information you need about
  Turkish market in all sectors
- Answering all your questions with our Professional

Meeting Organization
We arrange and organize all your meetings and appointments in Turkey.
We give you professional service from choosing location to finding professional interpreters for your meetings.
• We arrange your appointments before your arrival to Turkey
• We arrange your transportation from and to your meetings in Turkey
• We accompany you during your meetings upon your request
• We provide interpreters in any language you need
• Upon your request, we can attend to your meetings in case of your absence
• Upon your request, we carry out your  correspondences and report you

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